Review : Lian Li PC-6089A case

Posted on Saturday, November 02 2002 @ 11:12 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Overclockers Online reviewed the Lian Li PC-6089A case :
Over the past few years, I have reviewed a lot of cases for Overclockers Online. Among that truckload of cases, many were made by Lian Li, a pioneer in building high quality aluminum computer housings. As our reviews have showed, Lian Li offers a very wide selection of cases: full towers, baby towers, server cases, desktops, small LAN cases, ... you name it, they got it. Add to that a wide choice of colors and you are bound to find just what you need in the Lian Li product catalogue. A few weeks back, another Lian Li case was delivered at my doorstep, and as soon as I had it unpacked, I knew Lian Li had another award winning case in their gamma! This new case not only features a preinstalled window, it also comes with a sweet acrylic door and lights! This would make an ideal case for my next project: building an O² LAN box (since I attend LAN parties every once in a while). Let's get started ...

Review Link : Overclockers Online

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