Logitech Bluetooth MX5000 Laser Desktop Review

Posted on 2006-01-30 12:55:46 by LSDsmurf

Logitech has designed a great many keyboards and mice that have met and exceeded the expectations of their users on both functional and ergonomic levels. Today, I have the opportunity to take a look at their latest, very functional keyboard/mouse combo package dubbed the MX5000 Laser Desktop. This package includes Logitech's greatly loved MX1000 Laser mouse, which offers precision mousing and their MX5000 media keyboard which offers extreme control over media playback. These two devices are brought together by Bluetooth 2.0 using Logitech's mini receiver. My expectations are high for this wireless media desktop combination package from Logitech because my experience with their products has been consistently positive. Let's see if this product lives up to their reputation and my expectations.

Link: Bytesector

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