OnAir USB HDTV-GT Receiver & DVR for PC Review

Posted on 2008-03-04 17:58:10 by Thomas De Maesschalck

And what about right now in the present - how many times have you gone either to work or out for the evening, only to remember later on that you forgot to set your DVR to record your fave TV program? Or maybe you're one of those people who refuses to miss their show, so you arrange your schedule so you don't have leave the house when it's on. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go out and still see your program... when it's actually on, AND in HDTV, with no worries about the impending "Dooms Day"? Then you'll be relieved to know that OnAir Solution and AutumnWave have just the device you've been looking for to solve these problems: the OnAir USB HDTV-GT, a HDTV receiver and personal video recorder.

Link: Virtual Hideout

OnAir USB HDTV-GT Receiver & DVR for PC

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