Snarfer 0.5.0

Posted on Friday, Jul 14 2006 @ 00:16 CEST by LSDsmurf

Major Features:
  • Added a plugin that monitors search results on Ebay.
  • Added a plugin for searching craigslist across multiple cities.
  • Added a plugin for emailing articles to a friend.
  • The OPML export plugin now allows you to email the feeds you have just exported.
  • Added a search toolbar for easy access to any of the installed search plugins.
  • The database has been improved to make it more resistant to damage that might result from a system crash.
  • The database will also now detect when the system has not been shutdown safely and will attempt to repair any errors.
Minor Features:
  • It is now possible to setup default values for the refresh interval and the number of messages kept for a feed.
  • Feeds can now also be setup to refresh manually (by selecting "Refresh" from their right click menu, or "Refresh All" from the root folder).
  • You can now specify that the old messages in a feeds should never be kept (the feed will only show messages that are currently listed on the server).
  • Added a right click menu to the message view window for easy access to the main message functions including the new Email option.
  • Added support for Forward and Back mouse buttons.
Technical Improvements:
  • New improved duplicate detection algorithm for feeds.
  • Added support for CSS style attributes in the HTML parser.
  • Added support for backquote attribute quoting in the HTML parser.
  • Added emulation of the ABBR element to the HTML parser.
  • Added Bloglines Search to the list of search engines supported by the Web Search plugin.
  • Results from a Web Search can now be deleted with less chance of them returning again later.
  • When importing or exporting OPML files a .opml extension is now automatically added to filenames if missing.
  • The XML parser is now better at recovering from unescaped ampersands.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems with certain type of flash objects when viewing web pages internally.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented javascript links from working when viewing web pages internally.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause other links to open internally when the options specified that only the Original Article should be.
  • Certain types of HTML tags were being incorrectly parsed when they contained no content.
  • Not all forms of scripting were being filtered out by the HTML parser.
  • Marking all items as read failed to reset the "unread items" flag in the system tray.
  • If Windows was shutdown while Snarfer was still running it was possible that it would not have been closed correctly.
  • If Windows took to long to start up it was possible that Snarfer would not appear in the system tray even though it was running.
  • Fixed a bug in the Local Search plugin that could crash if the search window was closed while it was still searching.
  • Certain characters may not have worked correctly if used in a query in the Web Search plugin.

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