Intel Conroe pricing leaked

Posted on Wednesday, April 05 2006 @ 16:47 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Register Hardware writes its likely Intel will ship the Pentium D 960 at the end of this month, before cutting prices in the third quarter when the highly anticipated Conroe processor debuts.

The Pentium D 960 will debut for $533 on April 30 and will drop to $316 in Q3 2006. A price cut for the current Pentium D 900 series will already follow on April 23.

Initially we can expect four Conroe desktop processors: the E6300, E6400, E6600 and E6700. These processors are clocked at 1.86, 2.13, 2.40 and 2.67GHz, respectively. They have a 1066MHz FSB and feature 4MB of shared L2 cache.

The pricing is as follows: $209, $244, $316 and $530, respectively.
At the same time, Intel will debut the VT-less Pentium D 925 at $178. In addition to the 960's price reduction to $316, the 950 will come down to $241 and the 940 to $209. Intel has already indicated it intends to phase out the 930 and 920.

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