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Posted on Wednesday, January 22 2003 @ 14:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Matrix Orbital MX212 USB LCD Review
The LK202-24-USB has six general purpose outputs. These are provided to control relays or other electronic devices. This allows external devices to be turned on or off using your PC or controller and software commands. That’s right; you can control everything from case fans to cold cathodes to even your desk lamps! If you’ve followed my article on installing a color video module into your case, you can also use the GPO’s to control that! There are2 types of GPOs on this bad boy, low and high power. GPO 1, 2 and 3 are referred to as Low Power GPOs and are capable of sourcing +5V at 20mA which is limited with a 240 ohm current limiting resistors. GPO 4, 5 and 6 have no current limiting resistors and offer an optional +12V power through the white floppy connecter located bottom left of the display

Review Link : GruntVillE

eDimensional Wireless E-D Glasses Review
This was defiantly a fun product to review. Within seconds, my skepticism was ceased, and I have to admit, the E-D glasses did give me "the best 3-D graphics" that I had ever experienced. I'd defiantly recommend the glasses to anyone looking for something new. Those of you out there that after nothing but “maj0r pWnAgE” should defiantly take the performance cut in mind...

Review Link : OverclockersClub

Belkin OmniView 4 port KVM Review
Many of us have multiple systems that we use with regularity. Some of us are space constrained and find it impossible to add more monitors, keyboards, and mice in a confined environment. Still others have financial constraints that make it impossible to invest significant money in additional peripherals. The advent of the home office is yet another contributing factor for the need to adapt an approach that businesses have used for years. To meet this need, Belkin, one of the leading providers of computer accessories has developed the “OmniView” line of products. Today ExtremeMhz will be reviewing the OmniView SOHO series which allows a single user to control up to 4 computers from a single unit located at arms length

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

MSI StarSpeed 16x DVD-ROM Drive Review
While CDRWs make up the majority of optical drives found in most PCs, a DVD drive can come in handy if the kids are hogging the TV.

"The StarSpeed handled commercially pressed software well enough, and handled every DVD I threw at it. Things were not as rosy with some CDR media though. All media, burned at 16X and lower, were readable by the StarSpeed, but I had some problems with some random discs (Sony, Kodak, and generic) burned at 24x. Our Plextor 24/10/40A, the burner used to create these discs, read them without any issues."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 Review
CPUs produce heat. There is no way to get around it. There are a few different ways that we try to deal with the heat; air cooling is the cheapest and most mainstream method. There is always water cooling, but if you don't want to spend the money, or balk at installing a complicated water cooling system, then air cooling is your only route. Vantec has sent us their AeroFlow VA4-C7040 to see if it can stand up to the wide range of heat sinks available today.

Review Link : ExtensionTech

Lian Li Aquarium Side Panel?
What the fuck?
Includes: Cold cathode light kit, Low noise pump, All in one structure and Colorful plastic fish

More @ 3dGameMan

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