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Posted on Thursday, January 30 2003 @ 11:49 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Corsair PC 3200 Part 2
Recently, I received a new motherboard, and now I’m more prepared to handle the extreme speeds capable of todays DDR. I also recently reviewed a stick of Corsair’s XMS PC3200 CAS2.5, however, we were not able to run the ram at its full potential. Equipped with a new motherboard, we hoped to do better!

Review Link : Nexus Hardware

Corsair Brand XMS3500 Ram
A while back we compared the performance of multiple flavors of the Corsair XMS series memory modules, and their performance relative to our reference Crucial brand memory. As expected, the Crucial memory performed admirably, but it could not keep up with the Corsair modules when subjected to the most stressful of conditions. The winner of the competition came as no surprise; the Corsair XMS3200 led the pack and maintained a commanding lead over Crucial and its XMS siblings. Today, ExtremeMhz will throw the XMS series 3500 into the mix to see what new levels of performance can be achieved.

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

Computer Exhaust Systems RACHEL Review
With the increase in computer speeds more heat and noise being generated by your computer. As a result it may become undesirable to be anywhere near you're loud and hot computer. is developing a new technique where the hot air and some of the fan noise from your case is directed through a pipe that leads into your wall.

Review Link : XtReMoDs

iRock BLiNG CD/MP3/FM Player
The iRock BLiNG is an awesome light-weight CD/MP3/FM Player jam-packed with lots of awesome features. It’s a very appealing product but it seems kind of expensive although I have even seen some CD Players that cost more then this just because they are labeled Sony or other big name companies. It may be expensive but hey it's worth the money. On this CD/MP3/FM player there is also a button that allows you to recharge those rechargeable batteries; this is the first time I have ever seen that feature included onto a CD Player. The iRock BLiNG also has some other really cool features such as 120 anti-skip on MP3 songs.

Review Link : Comp-Shop

Howto build a PSU
We have a new How-To up on building your own power supply. This a very nice read for anyone wanting to know a little more about how a power supply works. Here is a snip: "The power supply is perhaps one of the most overlooked components in a computer. It takes dangerous high voltage coming out of the wall and converts it into multiple lower voltages for use with digital electronics. Many people don't even give a second thought as to what their power supply is or what it does. Understanding how a power supply works, however, can provide insight into such common computer symptoms as the infamous "blue screen of death", random crashes/reboots, and data loss."

More at Pimprig

Logitech Z-640 Speaker Set Review
Today I am proud to be reviewing the Logitech Z-640 speakers. These speakers are made for the average consumer that wants 5.1 surround sound without having to shell out a lot of cash..
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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