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Posted on Thursday, February 06 2003 @ 12:55 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Xoxide SS Warrior Case
The Xoxide SS Warrior is a follow-up to their more expensive and hugely popular LL Warrior case. Unfortunately, a lot of us guys who spend our hard earned cash on frivolous items like food, clothing, and shelter can't afford a high-end case like the LL Warrior. Xoxide recognized this and attempted to duplicate the LL Warrior with some changes to make it more attainable for the average computer aficionado.

Review Link : PimpRig

Innovatek Tank-O-Matic Reservoir Review
Innovatek uses compression fittings on all of their equipment. These fittings are very reliable, and make installation quick and easy. The outer housing screws off and slides over the tube. The tube is then put over the barb, and the outer housing is slid to the barb and screwed tight. These barbs eliminate the need for hose clamps for making a watertight seal. There are basically three parts to this reservoir: the bottom assembly, the plexiglass tube, and the access cap. The two end caps can be unscrewed fairly easily, but they maintain a tight seal when they are screwed in. The easily removed access cap makes filling the water-cooling system virtually foolproof. Before the reservoir can be installed on the computer, you must first remove the bottom assembly and insert the two included pipes into the in/out holes. The longer tube will be where water flows in from, and the shorter tube is for water to flow out.

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

HighSpeed PC X-Pider TM2000 Thermal Monitor Review
Now that you have three temperature sensor reading on the front of your case, all with backlights, and also two USB ports, your audio, and IEEE 1394 you should be all set for those dark LAN parties..
Review Link : XtReMoDs

SanDisk Cruzer 64MB Review
With nearly twenty USB Flash drives over the past year on Envy News, only recently have we started to see some truly dynamic and innovative products surface. I always wanted one that could be upgraded to accommodate a larger capacity and offer greater flexibility in our day to day needs. The SanDisk Cruzer is one such product and it can even double as a portable memory card reader. This dynamic little gizmo has yet to leave my side.

Review Link : EnvyNews

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Review
Currently I would suggest the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro to anyone looking to make an upgrade to their video card. Keep in mind that this card can now be purchased for around $280 for the Pro version making it at least $100 cheaper than the nVidia Geforce FX.
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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