Apple to sell movies on iTunes for $14.99

Posted on Friday, September 01 2006 @ 14:24 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
BusinessWeek has the scoop on Apple's plans to sell movies on iTunes this month. New movies will be available for $14.99 and older ones for $9.99. This functionality should be added to iTunes by mid-September.
My BusinessWeek colleague Ron Grover has exclusive details about how how Wal-Mart, as the largest seller of DVDs -- it sells about 40% of DVDs produced -- is unhappy at the prospect of Hollywood studios doing business with Apple and iTunes. But here's the best part, and a detail you won't see anywhere else: The announcement is expected by mid-September, with prices of $14.99 for new releases and $9.99 for older movies.

I would have to guess is that there would have to be a new hardware product to go with such an announcement too, wouldn't you? Grover says says a "wider screen" iPod is on the way as well.
In other news, Creative yesterday released the Creative Zen Vision W in Singapore which features a widescreen display.

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