Brush your tooth and hear music

Posted on Wednesday, September 06 2006 @ 8:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Scientists have created a toothbrush that lets you listen to songs whole you scrub away. It works by transmitting the sound waves through your teeth and jawbone to your ear.
The £7 device, called Tooth Tunes, plays for exactly two minutes - the amount of time dentists recommend should be devoted to brushing every morning and night.

It is initially being targeted at children, but could also be marketed to the so-called iPod generation of adults.

American maker Hasbro claims that Tooth Tunes will 'single-handedly change children's attitudes' to brushing and expects it to be in the shops before Christmas.

A single piece of music is stored in a microchip in the brush's handle. When a button is pushed, it plays on a minicomputer and is transported along the bristles, through the teeth and jawbone and into the ear. While the user hears 'a cross between the sound of music coming out of a stereo and the sound of humming to oneself', onlookers are aware only of a buzzing noise similar to an electric toothbrush.
More info over at DailyMail.

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