Intel BTW as good as dead right now

Posted on Monday, Sep 11 2006 @ 16:31 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel decided BTW won't be supported in 2007 with the new SKUs in the channel with retail products:
Intel has now decided that it won't be supporting BTX in 2007 with new SKUs in the channel with retail products, however it will of course keep supporting SKUs which are present on the market such as the DQ965-CO. So, whilst the standards are not being ditched - Intel will no longer be supporting them directly for the channel customers, but no doubt will, if the large OEMs request offer support.

Of course, the need for BTX has not spread to the enthusiast user, but big OEMs such as HP, Dell and others have adopted BTX and have been using this in their systems for a couple of years. Some people may not be shocked with this, since Intel has recently launched Core2Duo which offers crazy performance at half the TDP of previous generation parts, however you still have hot graphics cards, and hard drives. Of course thermals will again return to being key when we see Kentsfield (Intel's Quad Core part) later this year, which will come in at 130W TDP (Dual Core2Duo), will we see BTX raised from its ashes again?
More details at Hexus.

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Re: Intel BTW as good as dead right now
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Sep 12 2006 @ 02:50 CEST
Bury BTX. It dies with the P4. We can manage heat in the ATX format. Any system manufacturer that claims they can't, shouldn't be in the business.

BTX and RDRAM can go into the same ditch.