Space Shuttle Atlantis landing further delayed

Posted on Wednesday, September 20 2006 @ 15:54 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis had to be delayed yesterday because NASA spotted a weird object outside the shuttle. Today shuttle astronauts have spotted three more pieces of debris floating in space outside Atlantis.
Atlantis commander Brent Jett described the objects as two rings and a piece of foil. He told Mission Control the first object, about 100 feet from the shuttle, was "a reflective cloth or a mechanic looking-cloth. … It's not a solid metal structure."

"It doesn't look like anything I've seen outside the shuttle," Jett said.

Jett suggested the three objects might have come from the Russian Soyuz vehicle, which docked with the international space station early Wednesday. But Mission Control told him the Soyuz likely was too far below the shuttle, and that the closest the two space vehicles came to each other was 20 miles.
Read more over at ABC News.

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