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Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2003 @ 10:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Vantec Spectrum 80mm UV Fans Review
While I think UV lighting is going to be forever big with modders, we all need fans still don't we? Vantec now offers some neat UV reactive fans. While most other companies have the orange, blue and green fans, Vantec also adds a new fan. A clear one that glows purple under UV light. Pretty neat huh? Continue on as I take the new Spectrum UV fans around the block

Review Link : E-T

Arctic Silver: Ceramique
There is a lot of discussions about thermal pastes these days. Some people think they make a great difference, and others say the difference is negligible. I, for one, really didn't care too much about what thermal paste I used, as I never saw a difference worth noting. Sure, some hardcore users care about a one degree difference in temperature, but I was never one to care. Arctic Silver claims that their new product, Ceramique, can cause a 2 to 10 degree drop in temperatures. I was skeptical at first, as all other pastes I have tried didn't differ much. Of course, this was before I put Ceramique to the test.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

QVS – USB Cable with LED’s
Every now and then a product comes along that just seems to grab our attention and the USB 2.0 LED Cable is just such a product. Somewhat unassuming in its blister packaging; it looks like any other high quality 6’ long Silver Braided USB cable and like any other high quality cable from QVS, it carries a lifetime warranty

Review Link : Systemcooling

JH Customs super bright LED's review
LED's and modding, they go together like peas and carrots. In his latest review Built Ford Tough has a look at a bunch of different LED's from JHCustoms

Review Link : CMG

D-Tek Spiral water block
Swirls are not just for puddin' and ice cream anymore, as you should know by now. Today's water blocks have hit the heights of quality and workmanship--but it seems there's always more to tweak, improve, and work on. In any case, water blocks are nothing like they used to be. Companies today put quite a bit into designing a water block, to ensure a leak-proof block that performs superbly.

Review Link : IpKonfig

Danger Den H20 Maze3 Setup Video Review
The Danger Den H20 Maze3 Setup includes all the necessary products that will keep every hardcore overclocker very happy. The combination of quality blocks, pump, radiator, reservoir, large tubing, etc. equals performance and reliability not found in many other water cooling solutions. While this setup is excellent some know-how is required. Watch the Video to find out more..
Review Link : 3dGameMan

pcToys VGA Maxx Heatpipe Video Cooler
You can see that with both bases and large heatsinks on, it is a pretty massive piece of equipment. The heatsink alone is 400 grams which is about 14.1 ounces, when you add the weight of the card in, you have a video card that weighs over a pound. You will want to make damn sure that the screw holding the card in place is real tight. I also would not put this into a computer that gets moved around a lot

Review Link : PimpRig

M-Systems' DiskOnKey Classic
Since November of 2000 M-Systems has been developing and producing technology for the DiskOnKey. This early development let M-Systems become a leader in flash-based data storage, and lead to partnerships with such companies as IBM, IOMEGA, and Verbatim, and developing relationships with Dell, Apple, CMS Peripherals, and I-O Data. Knowing what kind of background M-Systems has, I looked forward to taking a closer look at M-Systems' DiskOnKey Classic 256MB

Review Link : HardCoreMods

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