Wednesday News part 3

Posted on Wednesday, May 21 2003 @ 15:44 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

MADLights Digital Lighting System Review
The MADLights Digital Lighting System is programmed for 16 different lighting effects at five speeds. This is accomplished by using a PIC16F628 8-bit CMOS FLASH based microcontroller. This particular microcontroller has the ability to store up to 16 pre-programmed lighting effect sequences. Consumers have the option of selecting their default setting and when the MADLights are turned off, the last effect used on the system will resume when powered back on. There are two pods of LEDs that extend from the circuit board using two five wire ribbon cables measuring 47cm each. From there, extending another 47cm are two more sets of LED pods, meaning that the pods can reach most places in a standard or full tower cases to achieve the best possible lighting effect

Review Link : Modthebox

VoyeurMod Blue Aluminium Chenming Case Review
Pre-modded cases aren't new to the commercial computer products market. Although there are many sites offering pre-modded cases now, it's nice to see a company who is willing to offer their product for inspection. I have examined every aspect of this case, and found all the good, and bad, features. Pre-modded cases may not spark your interest at first if you are a "hardcore modder", however I believe that using a pre-modded case as a starting point would save a lot of time and money. The results are guaranteed to look great, and you know you are getting your money's worth

Review Link : V-H

AC adapter from Belkin
I travel alot and live both in America and Europe. The thing is that Europe and America have different outlets so I´ve been looking for something to help me out. I finally found this Universal AC adapter from Belkin. This little gadget will help me to travel between US and Europe and still be able to use some electronic stuff Remember though to check that the product can take 110V if you are plugging it in the US or 220V in Europe. Well let's look closer!

Review Link : R&B Mods

Part 2: Koolance PC2-601BLW Tower Liquid Case (Blue) Video Review
This product makes it possible for anyone to install a water cooling system quickly and easily. There are water blocks available for your CPU, Chipset, Video Card, and Hard Drive, a large radiator, 3 fans, and a reservoir that houses the pump. It even has a backup pump. Also, the system layout is very tidy. Watch the Video to find out more...
Review Link : 3dGameMan

Vantec Nexus NXP-201 Lüftersteuerung
Leistungsfähige Lüfter haben Vor bzw. Nachteile, beim spielen oder rechenintensiven Anwendungen halten sie den PC kühl, bei Büroanwendungen oder DVD sehen müssen Lüfter nicht mit voller Leistung laufen. Alle Lüfter durch Silentlüfter zu ersetzen macht genau so wenig Sinn, dass Geld kann auch in eine Lüftersteuerung investiert werden. Abhilfe für Lärmgeplagte Ohren schafft die 4-Kanal Lüftersteuerung von Vantec
Review Link : Tobitech (German)

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