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Posted on Friday, July 04 2003 @ 18:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

DFI Lanparty Kt400a motherboard
Finally we got some time to have a look at the now famous Lanparty board from DFI. This board comes loaded with stuff.... FrontX, Pc Transpo, Round cables etc... Also it's got some nice features as 2 x Lan, Raid, Sata etc etc So stay tuned to see what we feel about this board...

Review Link : R&B Mods

Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse Review
Logitech seems to have thrown all the good things they had into the design and function of the MX700. It promises everything, from easy cordless use, to pointer accuracy, to added functionality and life from the extra buttons and rechargeable batteries. Indeed, the formula for Logitech's MX700 seems to be cordless + rechargeable + accuracy = a winner in the optical mouse market. But we all know that things can always look better in words on paper than they actually are, in real life. Does the MX700 deliver the goods, or is it a sorry excuse meant to catch you with its cordless/wireless appeal?

Review Link : V-H

Xoxide Enermax CS-10182 Server Tower Review
I found the Enermax CS-10182 to be pretty much the same height and width as my Antec SX1000 (same as SX1030, just purchased w/o PSU), but about 8cm or ~3" longer - this adds quite a bit to the weight, but at the same time provides much more room for the motherboard so that drives and so forth won't block access to the mobo. This is necessary if you're using a larger motherboard. No PSU is included, but you'll most likely want to pair this case with a quality one as chances are you'll be pairing this case with quality components

Review Link : V-H

The Enermax Hulk (Custom Sleeved Power Supply) Video Review
The Enermax Hulk is a custom sleeved Power Supply and is currently availably in two models; EG355VE & EG465VE. The mesh not only helps cut down on the clutter but increases airflow inside the case and looks great. Also, the two original fans have been replaced with green LED fans. Watch the Video to find out more
Review Link : 3dGameMan

ATi Radeon 9600 Pro Video Card Review
For a card of this price, it does seem to be a bit on the expensive side if you use only the stock settings, or play games at low resolutions. However, once you raise the graphics level, the R9600 Pro clearly outperforms the GF4 Ti4200. Add support for DirectX 9.0, and you've got a great card that clearly beats the GF4 Ti4200 in pretty much all respects. If you're looking for a strong upgrade, but don't want to spend the huge amounts of money for a 9700 Pro, or even the 9800 Pro, consider the 9600 Pro
Review Link : OCCC

AirFlo Executive Chair
This is an outstanding chair with lots of great features such as the swiveling and adjustable height arms, gas lift height adjustment, and back support. The chair is also very stylish and is available in 4 colors: Blue, Black, Gray, and Burgundy. (Only the back pad is colored) If you are looking to get rid of your old chair and invest in a nice new one that will last you for years to come, I highly recommend the AirFlo.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

WinDVD Recorder
The "Best" recording, weighed in at 55.5MB, while the "Good" recording only took up 15.1MB. The difference in size is significant, several hours of video on a normal hard drive in fact. However, is there a great loss in quality? Of the images below, the one on the left is a snapshot from the "best" quality recording. The picture on the right is from "good" quality. Although JPEG compressed, for these two images I used maximum quality to reduce loss of quality by JPEG compression.

Review Link : The Tech Zone

Everglide Giganta V3 Mouse Pad Review
The composition of the new Giganta V3 is made up of a plastic polymer known as Polystyrene Tetra Polyethylene which guarantees a good mousing surface. The Everglide V3 measures approximately 24cm x 29cm and will take up a considerable amount of space on a standard desk. The surface of the mouse pad has been treated with a process known as FineCell. FineCell offers a consistent texture across the pad with a flatter finish as well as a denser grain which is compatible with all standard optical mice
Review Link : MTB

Samsung SyncMaster 171N TFT-LCD Monitor Review
As part of the feature set, the Samsung SyncMaster 171N TFT-LCD Monitor has a series of small external grey buttons which allow the adjustment of the monitor settings. By pressing each independant button an on screen menu system guides the user through all the monitor functions. The menu system is well designed, easy to navigate and covers all the basic settings such as vertical and horizontal positioning, OSD (On Screen Display), image size, auto tuning as well as brightness and contrast settings

Review Link : MTB

Zonet ZSR0104B Cable/DSL Router
This Zonet router is very well contructed. It is encased in metal, not plastic. And with the rubber feet you don't have to worry about scratching any surface with it when you move it around, or it gets moved around accidently. It also gets only mildly warm, never hot

Review Link : PCAbusers

Steelpad 4S
The SteelPad 4S does reduce the amount of space that I'm used to, but after a few days of playing I found it to be comfortably enough room to play well. A little more room probably wouldn't hurt but it certainly doesn't compare to the cramped feel you get from a standard size mouse pad. Mice glide very nicely across the SteelPad but I was a bit disappointed from the noise
Review Link : Viper's Lair wire loom and PSU braided sleeve kit review
Colors, I did not know that there were so many different colors of wire loom until I saw the chart below. Every size that you can think of too! Prices, WOW, you can get 20 foot of ½ inch loom for $12.95 USD... that’s cheap. They also have Chrome loom…Chrome = Good.
Review Link : CMG

Asus P4SDX
Although the technology is no longer cutting edge, the board is stable, fast, and a good choice for anyone wanting hyperthreading and dual channel memory on an Intel platform. The Asus P4SDX with the SiS655 chipset is a combination that is hard to beat and easy to buy

Review Link : PimpRig

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