Some NVIDIA/ATI news from NFI

Posted on Thursday, August 07 2003 @ 18:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
  • nVidia's NV40 has taped-out at an uncertain date. It is thus either very early August or mid/late July.
  • As for the NV36 & NV38: "Assume... nothing!" - Michael Abrash, the one who wrote the articles John Carmack learnt 2D Graphics in, worked on Quake 1 and on the XBox, among other things.
  • The NV36 is due to be launched on the 15th of Octber, and nVidia is going VERY far to make sure it's not considered as a "paper launch".
  • And the NV38, probably going to launched with the Det50s, is set to be launched MUCH sooner than I had expected...
  • ATI isn't staying idle either, of course, it seems - although I don't have any clear new info for that right now...

    Source : NFI

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