NVIDIA MCP68 launch on April 19

Posted on Wednesday, April 11 2007 @ 14:06 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The NVIDIA MCP68 chipset will be officially unveiled on April 19th.

This chipset will compete against the AMD 690G chipset.
The integrated core will be dubbed the GeForce 7025 and 7050. Interestingly, we're pretty sure this is the first time Nvidia has ever used the '25' suffix to describe a product. Does it stand for '25 frames a second you must be joking'?

One of the first boards out of the door with the new chipset will be the Epox EP-AP68P/G, which offers a DVI backplate and an add-in card with HDMI socket. Other boards will integrate HDMI straight on to the backplate.

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