AMD and NVIDIA next-gen GPUs to arrive in Q2 2008

Posted on Monday, Jan 21 2008 @ 15:36 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
In the second quarter of this year we can expect new high-end graphics processors from both AMD and NVIDIA, CENS reports. AMD is preparing the RV770 and NVIDIA is working on its G100 GPU, both chips have already been taped out and will be mass produced by TSMC in March.
Industry watchers pointed out that the introductions suggest life cycle of the chip has shrunk to only six months from nine months in consideration that their rollouts will come only six months after their precedents, which have just hit the market this month. The two companies` next-generation chips are developed to support dual-core processors.

AMD had been busy integrating itself with ATI throughout last year after it acquired the graphics-chip maker in 2006, giving Nvidia the chance to dethrone ATI as the world`s No.1 graphics-chip supplier.

Although Nvidia introduced new chip earlier than AMD-ATI last year, the latter`s 55-nm process made its RV670 chip a hot-selling product. NVIDIA plans to introduce next-generation chip dubbed as G100 to challenge AMD-ATI`s next-generation RV770.

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Re: AMD and NVIDIA next-gen GPUs to arrive in Q2 2008
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jan 22 2008 @ 03:18 CET
Neither of these is going to be in the hands of end users till Q3.

This isn't a 6 month product cycle it's a 1 YEAR product cycle. The chips hitting this month are simple shrinks, and not all that impressive to boot. They're ok, but they do not qualify as a "new" product in the eyes of users. They just put the same perforrmance at a new price point.

SLI and CF still have issues on Vista, and this is over a year after Vista's launch. The 7950 is barely supported on Vista, so what do you expec this dual G92 is going to do? Yep, in a year it will be a forgotten product.

G100 and R700 are where it's at and those chips are LATE. They were supposed to be fighting it out this past holiday season, then they slipped to Q1, now Q2/Q3.

This isn't impressive, it's shameful. And Intel is laughing. Why? Because they have discrete gpu's coming that are going to eat G100 and R700 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And Nvidia and ATI have slowed themselves thinking they only have each other to fight. In 2 years Nvidia's financials are going to look like AMD's do now.

You watch.