NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 folds 3x faster than Radeon HD 3870

Posted on Friday, May 23 2008 @ 15:06 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA announced at a press meeting that a Folding @ Home client for NVIDIA GPUs will soon be available. Nordic Hardware published a photo of a slide that indicates the upcoming GeForce GTX 280 GPU will be three times faster in this application than ATI's Radeon HD 3870! The GeForce GTX 280 will do slightly more than 500 mol/day, which is three times more than the 170 mol/day of the Radeon HD 3870 and five times more than the 100 mol/day of the PlayStation 3.
Alas there have been little information on the real-life performance of the card, other than statements that it runs Crysis fine at certain settings and that it scores 7000 points in the Vantage Extreme profile. We've been provided some more solid information based on the performance in Stanford's Folding@Home client. A slide recently presented says that GeForce GTX 280 will be capable of folding slightly more than 500 mol/day, which is three times more than what Radeon HD 3870 can do, about 170 mol/day (according to the slide), or five times more than PlayStation 3; 100 mol/day.

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Wow & mathematical correction
by Anonymous on Tuesday, June 03 2008 @ 0:27 CEST
Awesome. Looking forward to Folding on nVidia.

BTW 500 is about 3 times AS FAST as 170, NOT 3 times faster. 3 times faster than 170 would make it 680. "times faster" and "times as fast" are NOT the same, despite popular (ab)use.

Challenge: calculate both ways your new pay after a 100% increase, which do you prefer, the same money or double? :-)