Rambus XDR: a DIFFerence in a DIMM

Posted on Saturday, September 11 2004 @ 0:39 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
THE BOYS FROM RAMBUS were at it again this last week, showing off a bunch of things they were only talking about last IDF. The first one was a XDR DIMM, or RIMM, or XDIMM, or something, I am not really sure. Whatever the name, think XDR RAM chips on a DIMM like form factor.

The sticks don't look all that different from DDR2 with square flip-chip packages on a board. If you look closer though, you can see it is keyed differently, two nearly central notches rather than the single one slightly offset of the DDR DIMMs. Look even closer and you can see the contacts on the edge of the module are tiered, the ones on the ends are a bit longer and wider. Hmmm, something is different here.

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