Internet Explorer to be solely for Windows XP SP2 users?

Posted on Wednesday, February 16 2005 @ 22:47 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Microsoft said yesterday that Internet Explorer 7 would be launched sooner than previously expected and today some more info is spreading on the web. It seems that Microsoft will only make IE 7 available to Windows XP SP2 users, so users of Windows 2000 will not be able to use Microsoft's new browser.
Asked to explain the rationale for limiting IE 7.0 to XP SP2 users when the majority of businesses are still running Windows 2000, Barzdukas left the door open slightly.

"Windows XP SP2 is the scope of the project at the moment. That's what we feel comfortable committing to. We haven't closed the door on potentially providing it to other platforms," he said.

In the past Microsoft said that a new version of Internet Explorer was to be launched with Longhorn - but as they are feeling the hot breath of alternative browsers such as Firefox the company decided to launch IE 7 sooner.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer lost about 5% market share to other browsers over the last six months, but they still hold approx. 90 percent. A test version of IE 7 is planned to be launched this summer.
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