OKAI Neon ES20 Electric Scooter Review

Posted on 2022-01-25 09:23:40 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"The OKAI Neon ES20 Electric Scooter is designed with urban commuters in mind. The Neon has IPX5 rating, meaning you can ride it under most any weather conditions so long as you don't try to submerge it! The Neon has a 250W front-wheel motor with a peak power of 500W, 16Nm of torque, a top speed of 16 mph, and can scale inclines up to a 20% grade. Its built-in 36V 9.8Ah battery supports a maximum range of 25 miles. The battery is composed of 20 cells configured in two parallel sets of 10 cells in series. The solid rear wheel has a hidden suspension for a balance between a sleek profile, ride comfort, and durability, while the front wheel is air filled without suspension. The scooter features disk brakes in the back and electronic braking (EBS) in the front."

Link: Neoseeker

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