Apple SuperDrive Mac Mini Review

Posted on 2005-09-22 02:27:44 by LSDsmurf

Does Steve Jobs read our reviews? When we reviewed the $499 Mac Mini earlier this year, we generally liked what we saw but recommended four upgrades to potential buyers lured in by the low, entry-level price. The Mac Mini configuration we suggested added a little more than $300 to the base price and doubled the memory and the hard drive size, traded the combo drive for a SuperDrive, and added the wireless Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme combo. Lo and behold, Apple has released a third model, the SuperDrive Mac Mini, which includes all of those features for $699. The SuperDrive Mac Mini's external appearance is no different than that of its $499 and $599 cousins; likewise, it doesn't include a monitor, speakers, a keyboard, or a mouse. It's based on the 1.42GHz PowerPC G4 processor and offers acceptable but certainly not blazing performance. Read on over at CNET to learn more about this system..

Link: CNET

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