NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Performance Review

Posted on 2005-09-29 00:17:03 by LSDsmurf

It is at this juncture that NVIDIA has decided to once again enter the IGP market with the launch of their C51 chipset family for the AMD platform just a week ago. Since the C51 will be a marriage of both graphics and motherboard platforms, the chipset will revert back to a traditional two-chip configuration to ease pin-out and large single-chip design issues. To this end, NVIDIA unveiled two variations of each Northbridge and Southbridge chips for a total of four ASICs. The two IGP variations will be officially known as the GeForce 6100 and 6150 while the MCPs retain the nForce moniker and will be known as the nForce 410 and 430 respectively. These components are cross-compatible with each other, though there are only three logical configurations to make most of the target markets that NVIDIA plans to put the chipset in.. Check out the rest of this article on NVIDIA's GeForce 6100 IGP over at HardwareZone.com

Link: Hardware Zone

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