Metapo/Egen Power 150Watt Power Can Inverter Review

Posted on 2005-11-15 01:08:32 by LSDsmurf

Today I have another product from Metapo, under the brand name EgenPower. It is something I found interesting and quite useful, it is a power inverter for you car. I'm sure you are wondering what's so interesting about a power inverter, those can be purchased anywhere. The Metapo/EgenPower Power Can Inverter is shaped like a soda can and is made to fit into most cup holders of cars. It not only has one outlet for power, but it also has a powered USB port as well. I think it is just plain cool, and considering it's size, something that everyone can and should have, especially in emergencies.

Link: ThinkComputers

Metapo/Egen Power 150Watt Power Can Inverter

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