Voxtel BD50 Review

Posted on 2006-04-29 01:03:59 by LSDsmurf

The BD50 reminds more of a very portable PDA, rather than an ordinary handset, so that only pick/hang up keys and the speakerphone, located above the display, let out the fact it’s a cell phone. Measuring only 93.5x48.7x16.8 mm in size and weighting 89 grams, the handset easily slips in both trousers’ and shirt’s pocket. Yet the abovementioned dimensions are somewhat common for this kind of devices, for example Fly X7 measures 88х51х15 mm and weights 76 grams; Haier M230 – 89x55x14.4 mm and 93 grams..

Link: MobileReview

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