Toshiba GigaBeat P5 NaNa Edition Review

Posted on 2006-06-08 13:30:04 by LSDsmurf

Please tell me Toshiba is kidding with the new NaNa Edition audio players. Not only are the designs blatantly similar to Apple's iPod Nano, but even the name is an alphabet off. I expected better from Toshiba, but apparently I was wrong. Companies seemingly forget to be creative with brands when they are in a competitive mode. I'm thinking Toshiba hopes to compete against the Nano based on the name, which is an unrealistically odd move.

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Re: Toshiba GigaBeat P5 NaNa Edition
by Anonymous on Monday, Jun 08 2009 @ 01:27 CEST
nana is in reference to the popular Japanese anime series nana do you research!

  • Reply by Anonymous on Saturday, Dec 12 2009 @ 04:32 CET

    where can I buy this product? I know it is old and toshiba doesn't sell gigabeats anymore but I would like to have the nana collection