Azumanga Daioh Vol. 6: Graduation Review

Posted on 2006-06-15 21:10:34 by LSDsmurf

Well, this is it… the final volume of the best series of 2004 and the series that almost instantly shot to number 2 on my favorite anime of all time list. It's been an all too short ride for this series but does it end as strongly as it begins? Only three episodes are shown on this volume and all of them have to do with the impending graduation that all the girls are facing. In the first episode, more talk about career and college choices are made. Chiyo has already decided to study abroad in America, Sakaki is going to go to vet school, but what about the rest of the girls? As fans of this series can imagine, not all of them have their minds made up yet.

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Azumanga Daioh Vol. 6: Graduation

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