Ultra X-Finity 800 Watt Power Supply Review

Posted on 2007-03-12 18:02:06 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Without a good power supply in your system it can become cranky, locking up and causing all sorts of havoc. This could be caused by a cheaply made power supply or maybe one that just is not big enough to handle the power requirements of you system. If you look ar ound these days you'll notice that PSUs seem to be getting bigger and bigger, in wattage and physical size as well. If you are building that uber gaming system that you've always wanted then you might want to take a look at what I have for review today, it is an 800 Watt power supply from Ultra called the X-Finity. The X-Finity is a big power supply in terms of physical size and wattage so read on to check this thing out...

Link: DSM

Ultra X-Finity 800 Watt Power Supply

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