TCS Proteus Plus 256GB Military/Industrial Ruggedized SSD Review

Posted on 2012-07-19 09:07:26 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Today, we’re once again forging a trail off the mainstream with a something a little more unusual than our normal fare. We have another military and industrial SSD from Telecommunication Systems (TCS) in house, and we can’t wait to scope it out.

“Mission Critical Application” is any application in which failure of the Product could result, directly or indirectly, in personal injury or death.

– From a Product Brief Disclaimer

There are several ways to describe the meaning of mission critical. One major player defines it as the above for legal reasons – i.e. if a product fails in a mission critical application, please don’t sue us. But really, a mission critical application is simply a situation where a component must work. A scenario in which failure of one component – say, an SSD – will result in especially bad things happening, not necessarily just annoying or time consuming. This is the reason TCS’s line of hardened, ruggedized solid state drives exist. There are deployments in which the SSD’s flawless operation in difficult environments is required, along with the security features to prevent data being recovered by antagonistic or unauthorized parties.

Link: The SSD Review

TCS Proteus Plus 256GB Military/Industrial Ruggedized SSD

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