Compad Speed-Pads review

Well first I'd like to thank Markus from Compad for supplying us with all of the Speed Pads

Introduction :
Well do you remember the old days?
Mouses with balls that you'd needed to clean every now and then...
The mousepads those days were mostly cloth-based, and this caused the ball to pick up a lot of dirt. But then there came some improvement in the form of optical mice, I've bought one a few years ago, the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical, and I was (and I still am) very happy with it.
No more cleaning every week, better gliding, and one of the most important things, much more accurate.

Most manufacturers claimed that you could perfectly use an optical mouse without a mousepad. But was that true? Well yeah, but working with a pad under your mouse is always much more comfortable. First I thought that there wasn't much difference between mousepads, but after using a few I noticed that there were huge differences.

Like today , by reviewing the Compad Speed-Pad, a high-end mousepad from the Freiburg (Germany) based firm Compad, They send me one sample of each of their Speed-Pads : a standard darkgrey one , a transparant , a green , a yellow and a blue one.

The package All of the Speed-Pads And again..

Added: October 29th 2002
Product reviewed: Compad Speed-Pads
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-16 23:06:51

Comment #2 posted by LORDrazer on 2002-11-04 10:05:30
I have got the yellow pad from LSDsmurf ( we both own Darkvision , you see ;-) )
The pads are good , even with ball mouses.

Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2002-10-31 11:34:14
Actually, optical mice take a plethora of pictures to identify movement. Light-colored mousing surfaces require less illumination than dark colored surfaces. Therefore, Optical mice do not prefer dark cloth mousepads.

Comment #4 posted by LSDsmurf on 2002-10-30 11:04:01
Well ...

My mouse works perfectly on all of the Speed-Pads , even on the transparant and the yellow one ...

There are some mices that have problems with some of the pads (compatibility list)

Maybe you should just try out a Speed-Pad ? :P

Comment #5 posted by Anonymous on 2002-10-30 10:33:25
that looks like a plastic mousepad..... anyway Optical mice prefer dark cloth mousepads, easier for the beam to track on them then somthing like that. Any plastic mouse pad will suck for a Optical mouse, even if Its high quailty.