Silverstone SST-ST30NF Power Supply review

Nowadays the number of people preferring a silent computer system is growing and growing. For For instance, people who have a home theatre PC in their living room mostly want it to be silent. The subject of this review is Silverstone's SST-ST30NF Power Supply, which is entirely passively cooled by heatsinks. Since it contains no fans this PSU generates 0dBA background noise, and thus at first sight it seems to be ideal for silent computer systems.

A few months ago I already reviewed a silent PSU from Silverstone, the Silverstone SST-ST35F-G02 350W Power Supply which was a power supply with a big silent 120mm fan.

The box included the following items; the power supply, a power cable, a manual and a mounting bracket.

High efficiency power solution.
Optimum quality standard.
Classic design in style and tasteful shape of
Aluminum casing.
Supports two serial ATA Connector
Without fan
Background noise around 0 dBA.
Heat pipe with heat sink in ALuminum case.
Assumes PC stability
Indicator light to show state of PSU
Active PFC

MAX Power
250W(100V~240V) / 300w(180V~240V)
Dimension 150mm(W) x 140mm(L) x 86mm(H)

Without Fan

Acoustic 0 dBA
3.3 V & 5 V combine load 170W

Environmental Specification

Operation Temp 0C~25C

non- condensing

20~90% RH non-condensing
Storage - 40C~70C 5 ~ 95 % RH non-condensing


10,000 / 40,000FT
MTBF 100,000HRS
Safety Approvals UL/CUL , CB , TUV ,
EMC Regulation FCC , CE

Electrical Specification

Input Voltage

100 ~ 127 / 200 ~ 240 VAC
Manual select switch

27 ~ 500 Hz un-modulated

Input Current

6A @ 115 VAC
3A @ 230 VAC

Output Specification

a. Input Voltage 200V~240V




+5VDC 1A 25A
+3.3VDC 0.8A 23A
+12VDC 0.5A 18A
-12VDC 0A 0.7A
5VSB 0A 1.5A

During operation the maximum load shall not exceed 300W. The total load on +5V and +3.3V shall not exceed 180W. The total load on +5V and +12V shall not exceed 35A.

b. Input Voltage 100V~120V




+5VDC 1A 21A
+3.3VDC 0.8A 20A
+12VDC 0.5A 17A
-12VDC 0A 0.7A
5VSB 0A 1.5A

During operation, the maximum load shall not exceed 250W. The total load on +5V and +3.3V shall not exceed 140W. The total load on +5V and +12V shall not exceed 30A.

Something strange is that according to the manual this PSU delivers a maximum of 300W when the input voltage is 200V~240V, but only 250W when the input voltage is 100V~120V. The maximum current on the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V lines is also lower when the input voltage is 100V~120V.

I don't know the reason for this, I asked it to Silverstone, as soon as I receive their answer I'll update the review.

Added: August 30th 2004
Product reviewed: Silverstone SST-ST30NF Power Supply
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 8/10
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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05 15:55:49

There's no good testing methode for the 3.3V line except depending on the motherboard readout, so the 3.3V line was monitored with Speedfan 4.14.

How stupid are you? Try measuring the 3.3v from the back of the ATX connector or even the SATA connector. Geez i'm surprised that people actually give you this equipment to test.

Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-10 20:04:27
Truly no fan noise or other buzz effects but it go to be very heat on my little case fanless sometimes causin overheat protection turnin the system off...


Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-11 22:13:56
This power supply is absolutely great! Beneath the fact that there ist no annoying fan noise, there are also no whistles or buzz sounds from the power supply's electronic components.

And ist really stays cool, even under heavy load.

Michael (from Vienna, Austria)