nLite 1.0 beta 5

Posted on Sunday, July 17 2005 @ 2:06 CEST by LSDsmurf

What's new:
v1.0 beta 5
- new: Direct Hotfix Integration
(takes less space and supports more older versions of KB*.EXE with white icon)
- new: Option Don't save copy of current preset in ISO
- new: Windows 2000 Advanced Server support
- fix: Better task separation
(doesn't patch anything if you don't select components page, patches page and admin rename)
- fix: UsbPort patch (should work for all now)
- fix: Hotfix integration after nLightenment
(when rerunning nlite after nlite to integrate hotfixes)
- fix: RAID/SATA integration for some whome drive was undetected
(let me know if yours is not ok, x64 still reboots for some, adding other method soon)
- fix: Driver Signature popup for some
- fix: Reduced SFC Popups if left enabled
(if you get any let me know when, don't use sfcscannow)
- new: Disk and Profile Quota
- new: File System Filter Manager
- new: Private Character Editor
- new: DirectX Diagnostic Tool
- new: TAPI Application Support
- update: Extra Fonts (Luna theme font excluded now)
- update: NTBackup don't need Removable storage any more
- fix: File & Settings Wizard was dependable on Manual Install
- fix: Windows x64 many components failed to install on certain setting combination

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1.0 beta 5
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