Central Brain Identifier R4

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 21 2005 @ 16:08 CET by LSDsmurf

The latest version of CBId has been updated up to build 1220! Due to our recent system upgrade, we have improved CBId’s compatibility with AMD Sempron 64 processor. So, now CBId correctly shows a nominal frequency and an OPN number for this AMD processor family. For those AMD64 processors that don’t support the AMD PowerNow! Technology, CBId now properly reports a dynamically updateable value of VCore under the Mobility tab. And the final news that makes CBId the absolute winner in AMD CPU identification is the support to the next core revision F0! The latest version can identify a processor socket and a full revision number of the newest AMD64 processor due to support of rare CPUs with the following CPUID signatures: 20FC1h, 20FF1h, 20F11h, 20F31h, 20F81h, 20F91h, 20F72h, 20F51h, 20F82h, 20F92h, 20FB2h, 30F82h, 30F42h, 30F52h, 40F10h, 40F30h, 40F40h, 40F50h, 40F70h, 40FC0h, 40FF0h.
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