Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.2.2

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 09 2006 @ 13:22 CEST by LSDsmurf

Added feature:
  • added TCP MSS altering to work around nonworking PMTU discovery due to blocked ICMP
    (this typically fixes nonworking HTTPS pages on PPPoE connections)
Improved/changed features:
  • Administration Console now remembers last view in IP Address Groups, DHCP Scopes and Leases, HTTP URL Groups, Time Ranges screens
  • cache memory size configuration value has been removed (the best value is now auto-detected)
  • the timeout for half-open TCP connections has been decreased
Bugs fixed:
  • fixed deadlock in UPnP service if an interface goes up or down
  • in SSL-VPN downloaded files are now forced to be saved to disk instead of opened in IE
  • fixed creating of huge antivirus temporary files even though size limit was configured
  • fixed occasional WinRoute service crashes during system shutdown
  • fixed crashing when loading user configuration where no user has administrative rights
  • fixed opened Administration Console aborting normal system shutdown
  • fixed problem with temporary files occasionally remained on disk after the antivirus scanning
  • fixed a potential bug that antivirus process(es) won't start during WinRoute initialization
  • fixed national characters handling in the administrative password dialog in the installation wizard
  • fixed loading of web pages on nonstandard TCP ports when going through multiple proxies
  • fixed nonworking CNN pipeline stream videos
  • fixed possibility to remove some interface statistics for some interfaces
  • fixed IP addresses for hostnames in the traffic policy not being updated often enough
  • fixed old half-closed FTP connections through the firewall sometimes remaining open for very long times
  • antivirus scanning failures are now logged into security log
  • fixed client FTP connections not being correctly reset if virus was found during the transfer.
  • fixed FTP inspector could parse certain (illegal) responses incorrectly causing the affected connection to hang
  • fixed bandwidth limiter behaving incorrectly if the IP address group selected there was deleted
  • fixed inability to send mail through certain rare servers if TLS transfers are denied by WinRoute
  • fixed possible file corruption during antivirus scanning on chunked HTTP connections
  • fixed nonworking quarantine storage of infected files found in FTP transfers
  • fixed changes to the default SSL web interface TCP port of 4081 not being applied until restart of WinRoute
  • user manually imported from AD now have their email addresses imported (affects only newly imported users)
  • fixed file and folder icons failures to load when browsing FTP via the HTTP proxy server

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