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August 26, 2016 
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Zowie FK
Zowie FK
BitFenix Ronin
BitFenix Ronin
Ozone Rage ST
Ozone Rage ST
Lamptron FC-10
Lamptron FC-10
Zowie P-TF Rough

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Posted on Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 12:04:24 CEST by
MS logo
Issues with updates for Microsoft's Windows continue, earlier this month it was reported that Windows 10 Anniversary Update left many users unable to use their USB webcams, and now the company rolled out a patch that accidentally breaks parts of one of the key administrator features of the operating system.

As The Register wrote, Microsoft issued KB 3176934 on Tuesday to fix a number of bugs in Windows 10 Version 1607. Unfortunately, the update broke PowerShell's Desired State Configuration (DSC), a feature useful for managing and controlling networks of PCs and systems in an automated way. The software giant apologizes for the problem, but isn't expected to roll out a patch until August 30.
"Due to a missing .MOF file in the build package, the update breaks DSC. All DSC operations will result in an 'Invalid Property' error," an advisory from the PowerShell team reads.

"In addition, due to a missing binary in the build package the update breaks PowerShell implicit remoting. Implicit remoting is a PowerShell feature where PowerShell commands work on a remote session instead of locally. Specifically, importing a remote session no longer works."

Microsoft says it won't be issuing an update to fix the matter until August 30, and states, apparently without a hint of irony, that "we apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause."
In the meantime, users can uninstall the patch by running the following command in PowerShell:

wusa /uninstall /kb:3176934

Posted on Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 11:31:56 CEST by
While exoplanet finds no longer create the buzz they generated a decade ago, a team of international astronomers just announced a very exciting find. Using the European Southern Observatory in Chile, astronomers confirmed the existence of a small, rocky planet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri.

Known as Proxima B, this planet orbits a red dwarf star that sits just 4.24 light-years away from Earth. While further research is needed to confirm the existence of the planet, data from a 54-day observation suggests the planet is 1.3 times Earth's mass and takes 11.2 days to orbit its star.

But while the planet is in the habitable zone around it star, it's located in a very different solar system than Earth. Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf, the star is only about 12 percent of the Sun in terms of mass, and has a magnetic field 600 times stronger. Most of its light is emitted in relatively cool infrared wavelenghts, it has giant flares and Proxima B continuously gets blasted by x-rays.

It doesn't look that great for life but what gets everyone excited is that this makes an ideal candidate for humanity's first leap into interstellar space. In fact, there's already a project, called Breakthrough Starshot, working on a proof-of-concept space probe capable of reaching Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri.

While it may seem like a fringe research effort, Breakthrough Starshot has an initial budget of $100 million and is supported by Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Other notable board members include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

If all goes to plan, Breakthrough Starshot hopes to launch its first mission about 20 years from now. After a 20-year journey to Proxima Centauri, the first data could reach Earth around 2060.
Even before today’s announcement, Breakthrough Starshot had announced its plan to send tiny spacecraft to the Alpha Centauri system later this century. But don’t expect any postcards from the new planet anytime soon: It will take more than 20 years for a spacecraft traveling at a monstrous 20 percent of the speed of light to reach Proxima Centauri, and another 4.24 years for any data to arrive back on Earth.
Proxima Centauri B

Full details National Geographic.

Posted on Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 11:01:16 CEST by
A couple of days ago one of the big stories was about how PCI Express 4.0 would dramatically increase the maximum motherboard power slot draw, and how this could eliminate PCIe power cables for video cards.

I had some doubts about the story as it didn't make a lot of sense, which was warranted as PCI-SIG now clarified that PCI Express 4.0 will not feature a slot power draw increase.

The goal is to increase the maximum power capabilities of PCI Express 4.0, but the motherboard power slot draw will remain at the current 75W limit:
PCI-SIG reached out to tell us that the power increase for PCI Express 4.0 will come from secondary connectors and not from the slot directly. They confirmed that we were initially told incorrect information. We have redacted a short passage from our original article that stated what were originally told, which is that the slot would provide at least 300W, and added clarification:

  • PCIe 3.0 max power capabilities: 75W from CEM + 225W from supplemental power connectors = 300W total
  • PCIe 4.0 max power capabilities: TBD

    New value “P” = 75W from CEM + (P-75)W from supplemental power connectors.
  • PCIe 4 bandwidth

    Posted on Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 10:50:48 CEST by
    Fractal Design announced a new line of fans with LLS bearing, which promises a MTBF of 100,000 hours. The Dynamic X2 series ships in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes, and two color schemes (full black and white/black).

    The 120mm version spins at 1200RPM, it has an airflow of 52.3CFM, 0.88mm H2O pressure and a noise level of 19.4dBA. The 140mm model spins at 1000RPM, it has an airflow of 68.4CFM, 0.71mm H2O pressure and a noise level of 18.9dBA.

    Fractal Designs says the fans will be sold for $12.99/13.99EUR (120mm) and $14.99/15.99EUR (140mm). They're shipping and should soon be available in retail stores.
    Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 and GP-14 are true all-purpose fans, offering good airflow and best in class 100,000 hours MTBF thanks to the new LLS bearing. Their customized design creates a beautifully aesthetic fan to help keep your system cool, yet quiet.

    Designed together with our high-end Venturi Series, the Dynamic X2 Series fans feature aerodynamic elements, similarly found in airplane wing designs, with significant noise-reducing elements. Available in two colour combinations: pure black, or the classic Fractal Design signature color scheme with white blades and black frame. The Dynamic X2 series are the perfect companion for users looking to make use of an all-purpose fan with an exceptional lifespan.

  • High-grade LLS bearing with class leading 100,000 hours MTBF.
  • Equipped with a counter-pull magnet that reduces the axial tension on the bearing
  • Fan geometry optimized for a good balance between static pressure and maximum airflow, resulting in good performance in all usage scenarios
  • Aerodynamically shaped stator struts including the wire strut. Helps reduce noise and unwanted turbulence.
  • Stator struts sit on a wide angle to the trailing edge of the blades which result in a lower noise level and smoother noise profile
  • Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades further reducing the humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts
  • A "trip wire" on the rear side of the blades near the leading edge. The trip wire introduces a larger turbulent boundary layer at an earlier stage, this delays the layer separation and improves both airflow and noise characteristics.
  • The customized design of the Dynamic Series fans contributes to a beautiful, cool build
  • Available in two colour combinations
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes
  • Dynamic X2 Fans

    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 15:58:11 CEST by
    NVIDIA logo
    UPDATE: August 24, 2016 @ 22:57
    Marty McFly posted an update on his Facebook page, explaining he sorted out the issue with NVIDIA:
    [EDIT] Update and conclusion on the Ansel thing: I talked with some guys from Nvidia and especially the lead developer of Ansel, it's all sorted out. It was a result of some testing, basically leftover code; the next Ansel update will have some code removed and me credited, so it's all fine now. I have seen that someone posted this on reddit, probably in an attempt to start a shitstorm or something, don't do that. It's not a big thing really and Ansel is no commercial product so case closed then =)

    Game modder Marty McFly Modding took a look at NVIDIA's Ansel source code and was shocked to discover that some of the post-processing tools of Ansel contain code written by him.

    Without authorization or giving credit, NVIDIA software developers apparently stole some of the postprocess shaders Marty McFly wrote for the MasterEffect shadersuite.

    Marty McFly writes the colormod pass code of Ansel's custom.fx is an almost ad verbatim copy of his MasterEffect code, NVIDIA's developers did not even bother to change variable names and comments.

    On his Facebook page, he explains everyone can check for themselves, by opening the C:/Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation/Ansel/ShaderMod folder and searching the files for variable names like ReShade.fx or MasterEffect.

    NVIDIA Marty McFly

    Via: TPU

    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 15:07:27 CEST by
    Intel logo
    There will be a big shift to onboard memory for the low-cost Intel Apollo Lake SoC based laptops, according to sources from Taiwan's notebook supply chain. The move to onboard memory instead of DIMMs allows the laptop makers to design their notebooks as slim as possible, but makes it impossible to upgrade the RAM afterwards. A large batch of the new Atom "Apollo Lake" based systems is expected in Q4 2016.

    The report from DigiTimes also notes a higher ratio of new notebooks will ship with LPDDR4 memory due to the lower power consumption and higher performance of this memory.
    Acer has two new ultra-thin notebooks, the Aspire S 15 and S 17, both featuring a thickness of less than 17mm, which it will showcase at September's IFA show, indicated the sources.

    Other vendors, including Lenovo, Asustek Computer, HP and Dell are also expected to focus on ultra-thin notebooks and 2-in-1 models for the second half of 2016, added the sources.


    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 13:51:03 CEST by
    Intel logo
    A report from NotebookCheck reveals Intel plans to launch its mobile ultra-low-voltage (ULV) Kaby Lake processors in Q2 2017. For the first time, the ULV lineup will include quad-core processors with a 15W TDP.
    With Skylake, Intel currently has its mobile processors separated into four categories – “Y”-series (Core M) for 2-in-1 notebooks, “U”-series for thin and light notebooks, “H”-series for gaming notebooks (with unlocked “HK” and “HQ” quad-core variants). The lineup includes some chips with Intel HD Graphics (listed as “+ 2” for “Tier 2”), while others feature upgraded Intel Iris Graphics (listed as “+ 3e” for “Tier 3”).
    The slide also reveals there will be a new low-power chip for gaming laptops; a quad-core H-series part with a TDP of only 18W.

    Intel quad core ULVs

    Via: FUD Zilla

    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 13:35:49 CEST by
    NVIDIA uploaded a 4K video that showcases the graphical quality of the upcoming PC version of Tekken 7. The game footage was recorded from a system with the GeForce GTX 1080, which runs the game at 60fps at a 4K resolution.
    Heihachi, Kazuya, and Alisa are back in Tekken 7, and this time, they are coming to the PC as well! The Tekken 7 development team is still working on the PC version, and technical features such as 4K support are unconfirmed. However, enjoy this first look at Tekken 7 in 4K, which shows the vision and efforts the development team is putting into the game!
    The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4, it will ship for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2017. This will be the first PC release ever for the Tekken series.


    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 13:29:35 CEST by
    AMD logo
    If for some reason you're interested in buying an AMD FX-series processor, it will be nice to know that the company rolled out a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gaming bundle. To receive the free game code, you need to purchase an eligible 6-core or 8-core AMD FX series processor. The full details of the offer can be read over here.
    * Promotion Period begins August 23, 2016 and ends on November 14, 2016 or when supply of Key Codes is exhausted, whichever occurs first. Eligible AMD Product or System Integrator system containing Eligible AMD Product must be purchased during Campaign Period. The AMD Unique ID must be redeemed by January 14, 2017 to obtain Application downloads after which the AMD Unique ID is void. For full terms and conditions, see www.amdrewards.com.


    Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 13:25:13 CEST by
    NVIDIA logo
    NVIDIA announced a new game bundle that will give buyers of GeForce GTX video cards a Game Ready Pack for Paragon, the new MOBA game from Epic Games. The bundle contains $115 worth of in-game essentials and is valid for the GeForce GTX 1060, 1070, 1070 and GTX 10-series laptops. Full details about the offer and the participating retailers can be found at NVIDIA's website.
    Start a fight in Epic Games' new MOBA, Paragon with the GAME READY pack, free when you buy select GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards or notebooks. $115 of in-game essentials help you hone your skills and look good on the battlefield of Agora. Get Game Ready for Paragon.


    Are you excited about 4K?



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