Partition Logic 0.61

Posted on Friday, February 03 2006 @ 18:44 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Partition Logic can now resize Windows XP (NTFS) partitions, as a result of porting Linux ntfsprogs NTFS resizing code.
  • Allows partition-only resizing regardless of the filesystem type (with appropriate warnings).
  • Improved IDE/ATA hard disk driver performance by implementing block-mode I/O.
  • Added basic 'stub' NTFS filesystem support (detection and clobber).
  • Added basic 'stub' Linux swap filesystem support (detection and clobber).
  • Added a kernel disk function for rescanning the partitions of a single disk.
  • Add a kernel filesystem function for getting statistics about a filesystem (whether it's mounted or not, or indeed, properly supported or not).
  • Added a kernel filesystem function for getting resizing constraints.
  • Added a kernel filestystem function for requesting specific detection of filesystem type (useful for removable media and such).
  • Text mode now shows the operations/commands in two columns.
  • The 'move partition' and 'copy disk' functions now use standard progress dialogs and show time estimates.
  • Fixed: After formatting FAT32, Linux and older Windows installers would show the filesystem as 100% full.
  • Fixed: Errors with IDE/ATA hard disks as secondary masters.
  • Fixed: Unformatting (clobbering) a partition in the didn't seem to convince the kernel to un-detect the previous filesystem until reboot.

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