AMD not amused with Skype's new Intel-only features

Posted on Wednesday, March 01 2006 @ 22:03 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Skype announced Skype 2.0 in February and said this version will enable users to conference with 10 instead of only 5 people at once, but this new feature is only available for systems with Intel Core Duo processors.

AMD is not really amused and claims Intel offered incentives to Skype:
Last month we wrote a small piece about the upcoming Skype 2.0 features that are only enabled for Intel processors. AMD is hoping to add another spear to its ranks by demanding Skype documents that prove or disprove Intel provided incentives to Skype for this favor. Intel denies the allegations.

A Skype executive declined to comment earlier this month when asked whether the company had tested the performance of its software on both Intel's and AMD's dual-core chips. An Intel representative confirmed that there are no instructions that specifically enhance the performance of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software like Skype's in Intel's dual-core chips.
More details over at Daily Tech.

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