Asus A8R32-MVP motherboard issues

Posted on Tuesday, March 07 2006 @ 2:12 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
DriverHeaven wasn't able to finish their coverage of the new ATI Crossfire 3200 on time because of lots of problems. They have been quiet on the reasons behind this because they were working through them with ATI/Asus and our A8R32-MVP.

Here is an extract from their as yet unpublished review:
Once we were up and running within windows we ran the system in general use for a few days and all seemed well. Next up was our plan to perform performance testing on the board, this is when we started to experience some concerns.

The first issue we found was that the Sisoft Sandra results for the system were pretty random. On one run we would score in around the expected performance and then a repeat run would show results 10x more than expected. Run it again and we were just as likely to receive a result of about 1000points less than expected. Thinking this was most likely a random issue with Sandra we moved on to PCmark05, however this resulted in more issues being highlighted. For example, hard drive performance on our SATA drive was reporting almost zero. And on occasion some tests would hang or loop.
You can read on over at DriverHeaven. They are still waiting on a fix from ATI/Asus but they decided to publish this information to warn anyone wishing to purchase the A8R32-MVP.

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