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Posted on Monday, November 25 2002 @ 9:36 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Well fans have certainly come a long way over the past couple of years Not to long ago it seemed that the more powerful the fan, the more we wanted it. These days we have much more efficient HSF’s and GPU coolers than ever before; water cooling has grown in popularity on a large scale. Many modders just don’t need the extra cfm’s or don’t want the noise that many of the high cfm fans create. Now we have all kinds of “Modded” fans. We have colored fans, UV reactive fans and yes, LED fans.
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Review Link : Gruntville
Review : Mayflash PSX/PS2 VGA Adapter
Having recently bought a PS2 Network Adapter I was faced with the problem of getting my broadband connection from my home office to the PS2 in the living room so I could play PS2 online games. (This was before I had a WI-FI Network installed) A long cable through the house annoyed the wife and moving the cable modem every time I needed to play a game was also getting old. I decided to think outside the box and output the picture from my PS2 to the monitor on my PC, which is already connected to the internet. Thanks to our friends over at DIVINEO we had the chance to do this with the May Flash PSX2 VGA Box. This nifty little gadget allows you to output the signal from your PS2 in a VGA form that your PC monitor understands. Lets take a look

Review Link : Ascully

Sunbeam Rheobus #2 Review
Today I'll be giving you all a look at the SunbeamTech Rheobus Kit #2. It seems alotta companies are starting to realize that a smart, functional, and high quality "Rheobus" is what the customers are looking for. You've probably noticed a few companies lately putting out there versions of a Rheobus. Sunbeamtech is no different. They're doing their best to stay on top of what the customers are looking for and they've been working hard on this unit I'm about to show you to give you everything you couldn want in a high quality rheobus. Did they succeed? Read on and I'll try to give you the info to come to your own conclusion....
Sunbeams Rheobus

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

Coolermaster HAC-V81 XDream cooler Review
You have to remember that this cooler is made from alloy. This means that the price will be a lot cheaper than other coolers in this power group. Most of the competition will be from all copper coolers so if you want to save some money this cooler would be ideal choice. This cooler is also lighter than most of its competition so it won't strain cpu socket that much. With its added manual adjustment for the fan speed this cooler really feels that it is made with high quality and usability in mind. One just wishes that Coolermaster starts to sell these fans separately too because they could be perfect companions for other coolers too.
The fan

Review Link : MetkuMods

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