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Posted on Monday, December 02 2002 @ 9:49 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Voyeurmod's VEXX Pre-Modded Mid-Tower Case Review
It seems there are more and more websites selling pre-modded cases these days. For the average buyer, it's hard to know which company's cases actually live up to the claims. Buying a case isn't just based on looks, but also price, features, and several other factors. Today we will be looking at a new case from Voyeurmods. By the time this article is posted, Voyeurmods will have this very case for sale. After reading this review, I'll let you decided if you like the new pre-modded case as much as I do!
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Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

Review : AVGS Cyber Fusion SC-GM03 case
When I was asked to review the Cyber Fusion, my first reaction on seeing the pictures of the case, was that is was a cheap, ugly and tasteless one. So when it arrived on my doorstep, I prepared to unwrap a loser...... boy was I wrong!!! The case originally struck me as one to be used to house your mothers computer. Nothing too fancy, but looks good in the living room, sort of case. Not a top performance and only fit to be hidden away under a desk or in the cupboard.

After careful consideration I quickly saw the potential of the Cyber Fusion. The modding and general cooling possibilities on this case can be limited only by ones imagination. So how does it fair up?..
Tha case

Review Link : The ModFathers

Review : Vantec Aeroflow VP4-C7040 Socket-478
We were so impressed with the AMD Aeroflow, we've decided to try out the Pentium 4 counterpart. Will the performance be as impressive?

"Previously, we only managed a 156FSB overclock using the all aluminum stock Intel cooler, and unfortunently with the Aeroflow, we didn't get much of an improvement. At 157, the system was stable in all benchmarks but 3D Mark. At 156FSB, things were rock solid. What is important to note that at full load, at 156FSB, the stock cooler managed 68C, whereas the Aeroflow kept temperatures at a steady 66C."
The cooler

Review Link : Viper's Lair

SunBeam CCFL Dual Cathode Kit Review
OCAddiction has one of Sunbeam's sweet looking Multicolor CCFL's in for a review today. If your looking for some excellent lighting to brighten up your case, look no further. Here's a snip from the review.

"Of course, with the SunBeam kit, this can be changed easily and at a moment’s notice should I note any unwanted or unseemly shadows. After selecting a place to put the light tubes, it’s time to choose an unobtrusive place to put the power inverter. Looking around the case, up front near the front case fan seems the best option. It will be somewhat hidden and will not get in the way during future hardware upgrades."

Review Link : OCAddiction    My review can be found here

Vantec Thermaflow 92 mm Case Fan Review.
Lately we've seen thermally controlled products becoming very popular and for a simple reason really, users are tired of noise. When gaming or running the cpu hard it be necessary to have the fans in the case run at a higher speed generating more airflow, however when sitting idle or surfing it's not necessary to have this additional noise. Till now users were able to control this by installing a product like a Bay Bus which would let the user manually adjust the fan speed via a rheostat type knob. Technology in this area has evolved and now the fans are smart enough to adjust themselves eliminating the need for units like a Bay Bus to be installed
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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