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Posted on Tuesday, December 03 2002 @ 10:50 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

M-system's 128MB Disk on Key
How many of you find yourself in a predicament when all your floppy disk’s are shot, no CD-Rs, and your re-write function on your burner is giving you crap? So their you are stuck without a method to transfer your critical data file. Stuck and frustrated, it’s flash memory to the rescue! As many of you know there are many forms of flash memory now available, a lot are in chip form, and in pen based form. With the incorporation of flash memory into pen based form we now see a greater day to day use for flash memory, and what other connection standard to build on then USB. Almost every computer to date has at least 2 USB ports, making this product even more popular. But what about the compatibility issues between operating systems you say?. M-system has that covered… I would like to introduce to you M-systems Disk on Key, the first U.S. Patented flash-based data USB drive.

Review Link : Inside-Hardware

Logitech MX500 Optical Mouse Review
After having used this mouse for a few days now, I have found that the gripes I had with my old Intellimouse are not present in the MX 500. The higher sample rate is immediately evident and the old problem with the dizzy mouse cursor is nowhere to be seen. I even tried going ballistic and moving the mouse much quicker around my ratpad than I normally would, and the cursor kept up like a champ! The mouse itself moves smoothly and effortlessly over my mousing surface, and when using such applications as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and performing simple web browsing, the degree of accuracy afforded by the MX 500 makes for an enhanced user-experience.
The MX500

Review Link : Tech-PC

How to setup a Linux Router/Firewall
Following up on our Windows ICS article, we look at setting up a Linux router/firewall. It'll allow you to share your Internet connection and provide some protection to your home network.

"A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this software that will allow you to share out your Internet connection more reliably and faster than Window's ICS. After two days battling with the software I finally emerged as the victor with a working router/firewall. Some of the things I have noticed that work (that didn't through ICS) are that I can receive and send IRC DCC file transfers, ICQ transfers now work again and a noticeable difference using the internet in general."
More @ Viper's Lair

Review : Primal Computing Velociraptor
Yes, this is a review of a complete system solution. Most sites are interested in benchmarks and how many frames per second a system gets in a particular game. However, we’re not most sites. Our primary concern at LANParty.com is how well you can get your game on with a given system. What the limitations and advantages are for a given system and how they might change your ability to attend LANParties (and whether or not you can do it in style)!

Review Link : LANParty

NVidia GeForce FX Preview
The GeForce FX die in the 0.13u process. This die will feature an estimated 125+ million transistors and that's compared to the Radeon 9700 at 110+ million transistors! NVIDIA seems to going for a core clock speed of at least 500MHz but that is still yet to be finalized. It will also feature a flip chip GPU design which will have clearer signals and an external power connector. NVIDIA is also using a new heat flow system. The GeForce FX GPU is cooled by this weird looking HSF which exhausts directly out the back of your case. With so many transistors and a hulking HSF, I gurantee you'll need a new power supply at least 400W to support having one of these in your rig.

Review Link : Neoseeker

MHW has published a four fan CPU comparison in it we compare temperatures and db to decide how much performance you actually gain with that jet engine loud fan and if its really worth it.

""Have you ever wondered how much actual temperature, and sound difference there was between say a Vantec Tornado, and a Sanyo Denki fan when cooling your CPU? I am betting a lot of you have, thats why I wrote todays article comparing the temps and db ratings acheived using four common HSF fans. Just how much better do the jet engine loud fans actually cool?"
The ThermalTake Smart Fan 2

Review Link : Monster-Hardware

ReviewNation's Newest Case Mod Preview
Get a first look at ReviewNation's newest case mod by Bart Banaan. There is more information and pictures located in our forums (link at bottom of page). An article will follow shortly... Enjoy!..."

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Speeze EasyStream II Socket 478 Cooler Review
The folks at Speeze have redesigned the heatsink itself adding more fins to the base. More fins will aid in the cooling of the CPU. With the AMD coolers I was used to many more thin fins that were skived and a cooled by a high powered, (and in most cases) loud fan. Intel P4 cooling is approached a bit differently. Speeze doesn't even have to use copper here, this heatsink is 100% aluminum..."

Review Link : 3dXtreme

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