Intel Conroe and Merom processor roadmap

Posted on Monday, April 03 2006 @ 18:03 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
VR-Zone today also published a roadmap of Intel's upcoming Conroe and Merom processors:

Segment H1 2006 H2 2006 Q1 2007
Desktop Presler XE
(65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 1066FSB, HT, VT)

965 (3.73GHz)
955 (3.46GHz)

(65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 800FSB, VT)

960 (3.6GHz)
950 (3.4GHz)
940 (3.2GHz)
930 (3.0GHz)
920 (2.8GHz)

Conroe XE
(65nm, 4MB L2, Dual Core, 1333FSB)

E8xxx (3.33GHz)?

(65nm, 4MB L2, Dual Core, 1066FSB)

E6800 (2.93GHz)
E6700 (2.67GHz)
E6600 (2.4GHz)
E6400 (2.13GHz)
E6300 (1.86GHz)
E4200 (2.66GHz, 800FSB)

(65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 800FSB)

925 (3.0GHz)

(65nm, 4MB L2, Quad Core, 1333FSB)


Mobile Yonah
(65nm, Dual Core, 2MB L2, 667FSB)

T2600 (2.16GHz)
T2500 (2.0GHz)
T2400 (1.83GHz)
T2300 (1.66GHz)

(65nm, Dual Core, 4MB L2, 667FSB)

T7600 (2.33GHz)
T7400 (2.16GHz)
T7200 (2.0GHz)

(65nm, Dual Core, 2MB L2, 667FSB)

T5600 (1.83GHz)
T5500 (1.66GHz)

(65nm, Dual Core, ?MB L2, 800/667FSB)


Merom LV
(65nm, Dual Core, ?MB L2, 800FSB)


Merom ULV
(65nm, Dual Core, 2MB L2, 533FSB)

U7500 (1.06GHz)

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