Apple Boot Camp reviewed

Posted on Friday, April 07 2006 @ 0:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PC World has tested Apple's new Boot Camp which enables you to install Windows XP on your Intel-based Mac systems.
It works. Impressively well. With games, even. That's our first impression of Windows XP running under Apple's Boot Camp on our 20-inch iMac. And that's more than you could say a couple of days ago about the promising-but-hacked-together WinXPonMac effort. (You can download Boot Camp here.)

XP on a Mac is refreshing, but Microsoft's idea of an "exciting new look" feels a little last century.Eager to get our hands on a real, dual-booting Apple/Windows hybrid, we ran the Boot Camp installer on a 20-inch iMac and found the process amazingly smooth...
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