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Posted on Monday, December 09 2002 @ 7:05 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard Review
A few weeks back, we took a look at the new Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Suite for Bluetooth. Though the keyboard and mouse were of the usual Microsoft quality, the Bluetooth performance and installation was slightly disappointing. In light of that, I went on a search for another keyboard that was similar in style - alas Microsoft had the same keyboard except wired with a USB/PS2 cable - the Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard. I promptly picked one up for home usage and decided to provide a short writeup

Review Link : WhiningDog

Logitech MX 700 Cordless Optical Mouse Review
The wireless optical mouse has been relatively stable for the last few years with companies targeting business and home users with the promise of solid performance with their regular applications. However many hard core game enthusiasts stay away from wireless optical mouse since the data rates of these input devices are not great enough for their games. Even a slower paced game such as Warcraft III can prove to be too much for a regular wireless optical mouse. Not a gamer? Many optical mouse users often encounter surfaces which prove to be annoying to use with their mouse devices. This can translate to jerky mouse movements as one tries to do simple interactions with their desktops. Enter in the new Logitech MX 700 mouse with its improved optical engine and usage of fast RF cordless technology. Could this be the solution to the gamers out there as well as a solid replacement to regular optical mouse devices all around?

Review Link : WhiningDog

Review : Mini Portable Disk
External drives have been increasing in popularity in recent years with the advent of USB and Firewire connectors on most modern personal computers. If you wanted a great deal of disk space without opening up that system of yours, all you needed to do was to buy an external drive. Individuals looking for portability have also found solutions in the flash drive marketspace with a variety of USB flash drives. However portability often meant a sacrifice in drive space since flash drives usually maxed out at around 256 MB of space. Sure there were compact flash based Microdrives but they also top out after a few gigabytes. If you wanted oodles of space, you often needed larger enclosures that would forsake the portability aspect. A new external enclosure from a company called Enhance Technology hopes to bridge that gap by providing merging laptop oriented drives with USB/Firewire interfaces. The enclosure is called the Mini Portable Disk (MPD) and it houses a 2.5inch hard disk drive that is normally found in laptops. Using these small drives and a built in rechargeable battery the MCP hopes to provide portability, plenty of storage space and plug 'n play operability in a small convenient

Review Link : WhiningDog

Review : Delkin Media Reader
Reading, writing and artithmetic are the basics most of us learned when we were in school. Readers for you compute is a diffrent story alltogether. Can you find a reader that reads all the media cards that you have, does it cost a arm and a leg. Discover for yourself and find out about a product that reads the two most popular media cards out there and wont drain your wallet. Is it a good buy and perform well? You will have to see!

Review Link : Furioustech

Review : BeanTech BT84 Clear Acrylic ATX Case
It seems that every PC enthusiast nowadays prefers to have a window on their case. Some type of visual so they can show off their components or cooling system. With hardware companies releasing components that look more and more visually appealing, a window is almost becoming a standard with ATX cases. A few companies have taken this a step further, producing completely clear acrylic PC cases…

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

Stardock Object Desktop Review
If you are reading this chances are you have done at least one mod to your computer. Maybe you have put a window on the site of your computer, a cold cathode light for the inside, or even just rounded cables. Well now for all of you who want to take it to the next step, here is a program for you. is proud to bring you Object Desktop from Stardock Systems, Inc.

Review Link : XtReMoDs

CompUSA Red Cold Cathode
I am impressed with the construction and quality of this product. It is the best $20 I spent at CompUSA in awhile. CompUSA is getting highly into the modding thing. I've got some more CompUSA products to review in the coming weeks as well. If you need a cathode, and just don't like to order it online, please don't hesitate to pick up one of these excellent products.

Review Link : ASE Labs

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