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Posted on Thursday, December 12 2002 @ 8:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Xoxide PC Tachometer Kit Review
As you drive your manual transmission car or truck, you can appreciate the importance of a tachometer since it provides you with basic information on how fast the engine is running. This diagnostic tool can provide alerts to possible problems under the hood and can prolong the life of a vechicle. Most automotive enthusiasts insist on installing one either on the steering column, in dash, or in some cases on one of my favorite vehicles, the 69 Pontiac GTO Judge. When automotive enthusiasts cannot find or repair the factory tachometer, or just want it as an addition to the existing factory gauge or lamp package, many have turned to the Sun Super Tachometer II. The Sun Super Tachometer II is a highly adaptable tachometer that can be mounted in many places, which brings us to Xoxide Modifications, who have taken this versatile unit and have converted it for the PC. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the PC Tachometer Kit, a product that will accurately graph your CPU utilization on the car tachometer, redlining at nearly 8000 RPM under full load.

Review Link : Modthebox

Epox 8K9A2+ Motherboard Review
Today we're looking at one of Epox's KT400 boards, which we received with much anticipation. The source of this anticipation was an Epox announcement stating this board allows the enduser to change the clock multiplier through BIOS without unlocking your Athlon chip

Review Link : Neoseeker

Antec True Power 330W Review
In most ordinary PSU the 3.3v rail is just a run off a 5v feed. The problem this design gives is that if you have lots of 5v devices, this will effect the 3.3v devices e.g. you have a board full of PCI sucking like vampires on the 5v, then the poor CPU 3.3v line is going to feel a little anemic, possibly leading to instability. Antec is unusual in that it separates the 3.3v and 5v feeds from each other, this will help keep your system stable until you exceed the total PSU capacity (310w, don’t ask me). And this is what Antec mean by TruePower, the various feeds do not interfere with each other, therefore you should be able to draw the maximum limit from each DC line in relative safety

Review Link : OCAddiction

BeanTech BT68 RH Enhanced Mobile Rack Review
Mobile Hard Drive racks have been around for quite sometime now. A majority of them provide the same basic functions. They allow you to swap or remove your internal hard drives quickly and easily. They are useful mainly for transporting data from one machine to another. Some mobile racks however offer extra features and can double as a hard drive cooler as well. The BeanTech BT68 is one of these

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

Zalman ZM-NB32J North Bridge Heatsink
In this era of IT age, computer system nowadays tends to run faster and better with the help of the ever improving technology, such as an advancement of the chipset design, CPU, video card, and much more. However, the problem in designing these fast computer components is they generate a lot of heat. But, with the help of the heatsink, this temperature can be lowered thus controlled at the satisfactory level

Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

FrozenCpu 3.5" Dual-Voltage Baybus Review
One of the really nice things about this design is the fact that you can access the fan connections while it's installed on the faceplate!. That's a highly under-rated feature's totally worth having and thanks to FrozenCPU.Com for bringing back that design feature from the 6-port to this 3-port model. The sencond nice feature here is that you can adjust the onboard "pots" for tuning the 7v switch from 7v-9v just in case you need alittle more juice to spin-up your particular fans, or if you just have a desired setting

Review Link : Virtual-Hideout

Crystalfontz USB 20x4 LCD (Model: CFA634-TMC-KU) Video Review
The Crystalfontz USB 20x4 LCD is the USB interface version of their 634 model which means only one cable and allows for easy installation. Also, with 20 characters per line and 4 lines it translates into a lot of data being shown at once. Their CrystalControl software is easy to configure and easy to use. Watch the Video to find out more..
Review Link : 3dGameMan

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