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Posted on Saturday, December 14 2002 @ 6:54 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Coolmax Taurus 550watt PSU Review
While some review sites claim the Coolmax Taurus 550watt PSU to be the “…very best the world has to offer…” (Anonymous) I would strongly have to disagree. Seeing as this 550watt power supply’s voltages did not exactly come out equal or above the voltages of the 431watt Enermax PSU, the Taurus did not earn the title of “world’s best” in my book. The Taurus has a very sleek brushed aluminum texture (comparable to the Lian-Li chassis texture) and a very unique three fan design, but unless you plan on running this power supply on a less demanding system than our test bed, I would have to suggest that you keep on searching

Review Link : Twisted Mods

Swiftech's MCW50 GPU Cooling Review
You can also see where Swiftech had their thinking caps on, and machined the base to be compatible with ATI's shim design on their current cards, so it makes full contact with the VPU. Taking a look inside the block, you can see Swiftech's Patent Pending Diamond-Pin Matrix design that promotes turbulence in the block to dissipate heat quickly, and improve the efficiency of core cooling

Review Link : OCaddiction

ZM300A-APF PSU Review
Power supply, I can say is one of the most important part for a particular computer system when it comes in powering the motherboard, drives, fans, and so on. Without them, how are we supposed to do the daily computing? Choosing a good and suitable power supply is crucial too. If you chose a bad and low quality power supply, you may run into some power supply breakdown or your system won't work as stable as you've expected.

Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

Xoxide 6 port baybus Review
Before I began the review of the dual voltage six port baybus the only thing I would have ever considered for fan control in my case was a rheobus, but seeing this product in action has changed that. Anyone that has a tornado fan in their case knows how obnoxiously loud a fan they are and a baybus can be used to turn a fan completely off. The baybus is rated at 8 watts per channel which allows for a couple of fans to be controlled by each switch, barring the tornado

Review Link : CaseModGod

Tomb Raider Prophecy (GBA)
For the first time on the GameBoy Advance, Tomb Raider, starring Lara Croft, features a new quasi-3D view, exploiting the unique characteristics of our sexy heroine.

Review Link : Ascully

Guide : PSU Relay Timer
Anyone with a water-cooling system has one major question that needs to be answered: How will I power my AC pump, when my computer uses DC power? The answer is rather simple, a relay. The people over at Swiftech have been nice enough to put together a kit with the previous question in mind. was kind enough to send me one such kit for this review, and I would like to take this time to thank them for this article's sponsorship. While planning the installation out in my head, I realized that it would also be possible to incorporate a "Power Down Protector" (or "PDP" for short). The PDP is a kit, which is designed to keep two fans on for a specific amount of time after you shut down your computer. My goal for this project was to modify a power supply, so that it would automatically turn a 120w pump on when the computer is turned on, and so it would keep the pump on for a specific amount of time after the computer is shut down. Quite a long goal, but I hope it makes sense when you read it
More @ Virtual-Hideout

Mouse Bungee review
The big cheese, call the ASPCA we have a mouse on a bungee. Is it animal cruelty! Naw, its not a real mouse or is it! What is a Mouse Bungee? Make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich, sit back, and find out just what a Mouse Bungee is. I think it is the darndest thang since sliced cheese! Read for yourself and you won't be sorry or disappointed............I promise!
Review Link : Furioustech

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