Sunday News (15th of December 2002)

Posted on Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 15:43 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Skyhawk Galaxy PSR4616B7 case Review
Everyone wants a computer case that will catch people's attention. Everyone also wants a case that will keep your high end machine cool. Sky Hawk has done a very nice job in bringing style and performance together into one case; Sky Hawk USA's Galaxy-LX case with Q-window.

Review Link : XtReMoDs

Modifying your GeForce4 Ti 4600
Matt has just sent over a killer guide on how to modify a GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card. This is no ordinary mod guide. Matt goes all out and even shows you how to "overvolt" your card to get every ounce of performance possible! Although he goes fairly in depth, this guide IS NOT for the beginner. Just remember, if you choose to follow Matt into the dark world of GPU overclocking, you do so at your own risk. Check it out over at Club Overclocker as Matt shows you how to get the most out of your Ti 4600!
More @ ClubOverclocker

ActiveCool AC4G review
Nowadays most people want a silent heatsink/fan and good temperatures. You can have it quiet, but you will lose the nice temps. You can mix em up, and have a nice combo or you can just turn mad and buy the loudest and fastest fans around. Today no loud crap, we´ll do it the silent and performing way. Is it possible? Well, you´ll find out in a minute. I´m going to guide you trough the ActiveCool AC4G CPU cooler. Expect heatsinks, peltier elements, getto setups and a totaly crazy reviewer..

Review Link : Madshrimps

PC Toys Cooling Fans Review
Today we are looking at some new 80mm ball bearing case fans from PC Toys; the "Stealth Pro" and "Thermo MAXX". As you can tell from their names, we have one "Stealth" quiet model, and one thermally controlled unit. As you may have noticed, the guys over at PC Toys have been marketing quite a few products aimed at noise control. These fans intend to do the job of keeping your system cool and excess noise free. We'll test these "quiet types" and let you know how they work.

Review Link : ClubOverclocker

New Athlon XP Unlocking Guide
Matt, our Master Overclocker, has whipped up a new guide on unlocking the AMD Athlon XP. We've been receiving requests for an updated guide for a while now so here it is! Just remember, unlock and overclock at your own risk!
More @ ClubOverclocker

1COOLPC's Video-1-120 graphics card cooler Review
If you want a cooler that's very simple to install but yet powerful enough to push over 125 CFM of air directly over your turbocharged (read : overclocked!) graphics card, you will want to check the 1COOLPC Video-1-120 cooler out.

It doesn't required any modification of the graphics card so you don't have to worry about voiding your warranty. And best of all, the other components in your computer case benefit from all the air blown in by this cooler."

Review Link : Rojak Pot

Vantec Nexus Fan Speed Controller Review
What separates the Nexus Fan Controller from other baybuses is ease of installation. An issue many baybuses face is having only 3-pin fan connections. This is an issue because only 60mm and 70mm fans (unless I forgot a larger fan) use these connections

Review Link : Viper's Lair

Soyo P4I 845PE motherboard Review
Soyo is getting bigger and bigger in my head at the moment! First they sent me this rocking KT400 board and now they sent me this SY-P4I 845PE board for a P4. So I got myself a P4 2,4 gig to try this board out with. As I've said before Soyo boards roxor for overclocking and they are really stable etc. Well does this board stand out any or??

Review Link : R&B Mods

Antec Performance Plus 1080AMG case Review
Antec has backed up with a very good case that wants to offer as much as a computer case can offer. The 1080AMG case includes a TruePower 430Watt PSU, three Antec smart-fans, front USBs and FireWire, a dust filter, 2 extra LEDs and a brand new metallic color; and this at a not too spicy price - USD150. If this case would be made out of aluminum then nothing else would worth over it.

Review Link : TechConnect

Review : CompUSA Wireless Optical Mouse
A wireless optical mouse for $20. This will bring wireless optical to the masses!

Review Link : ASE Labs

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