Tuesday News (17th of December 2002)

Posted on Tuesday, December 17 2002 @ 14:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Scorpio EL IDE Cable Review
We've seen automotive neon's transformed into PC hardware use, then Cold Cathode lights, and who can escape the wrath of the LED fan review. Just when you think you've seen it all, Cool Max USA whips out a rounded EL lighted IDE cable. Damn they look sweet!!! Now I wouldn't recommend a whole set if these (I currently have 4 IDE cables plus the floppy cable), but one, maybe two strategically placed cables can finish off the interior of your case very nicely.

Review Link : OCAddiction

Coolmax 470 Watt Tri-Led PSU Review
The stability of a PC is contingent on several things. Quality of components, cooling and maintenance. Unfortunately, many of us often overlook one component that is the most important of all, the power supply.

"Now that we have discussed the aesthetics, let's look at what really counts, the power rating. The Coolmax 470 Watt PSU pushes more amps on the 5+, 3.3+ and 12+ lines than I have seen from any other unit. The amps that are being pushed across each line are actually more important than any other feature."

Review Link : Viper's Lair

Vantec Stealth 420W 3 fan P4 PSU Review
Overall the Vantec Stealth 420 Watt Power Supply is a winner. Combining an Aluminum housing with 3 Fan switchable operation along with rock solid performance you cannot go wrong with this unit..

Review Link : 3dXtreme

MatrixOrbital BLK202A-WB-BK LCD Review
Matrix Orbital brings customization easily to any case! From a thorough examination, I was not able to find any flaws, mistakes or problems with layout, construction or even the crispness of the display. When I asked Henry to send us the black insert unit with white lettering and blue background, he had no problem with it, and I was totally impressed with both the boldness of the blue background as well as the nice crisp white lettering

Review Link : Twisted Mods

Grast 24 Optical mouse Review
The Grast 24 is a translucent optical mini-mouse. Like most optical mini-mice, it works on any surface and at any angle. Because it's translucent, you can see the glow of the optical laser. Its fun feature is the ability to change the laser's color. Pick from any one of 24 colors just by holding down the mouse button. Or, have the mouse constantly cycle through its palette. Thanks to a hidden switch, the choice is yours

Review Link : Ascully

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