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Posted on Friday, December 20 2002 @ 15:23 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

Skyhawk Galaxy LX Designer Computer Case Review
If anyone were to ask, I would recommend this case. The concerns I have with the case are minor, but worthy of mention. Speaking from experience, the last thing someone wants to deal with after dropping a hundred bones is trying to figure out how the heck to put the fans back in. I already own a Skyhawk case with a similar 'wind-tunnel', and was able to wedge it between my video card and my CPU. Effectively, it may aid in the cooling of the chipset..

Review Link : TweakNews and soon on DV Hardware

CoolMAX 550W Aluminum w/ Trilight LED fan Review
With the coming of age of cases with assorted mods like lights, windows and the like it was only a matter of time before power supply manufacturers made cool and interesting power supplies. But also ones that are powerful enough for todays systems which have powerful processors and assorted fans and case lighting. Not mentioning the standard: powerful video card, hard drives, sound cards, etc.. Having all these nice things takes power and if the power supply isn't sufficient then you'd have assorted fun problems like reboots, lock ups and blue screens. So here we'll be reviewing a brand new one from Coolmax, an aluminum 550W Aluminum w/ Trilight LED fan

Review Link : PCAbusers

Review: SunBeamTech Sound Activated CCFL
Sound Activated Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFL) have been around for quite some time. The earlier models came with a hefty price tag. Then for a short period of time they were no where to be found. These past couple of months more Sound Activated CCFL's reappeared and have been a hot product. There are some that hook up to your sound card for sound while others that have a built in sound detection system. Then came SunBeamTech, they developed a new model. This model has a breakout box for sound detection, always on, off, and best of all a flicker setting. That's not all though, the most unique thing about this model is you can use ANY CCFL you currently have for it.

Review Link : SubZeroTech

Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard Review
The Eluminx keyboard is a slender, low profile keyboard that looks good as well as being functional. The gentle glow of the Electroluminescence provides the perfect amount of ambient light without being intrusive. Although the option to turn off the backlight was not provided, it is not noticeable at all when the surrounding light is bright, for example, during the day.

Review Link : Envy News

Creating a CDROM Window Guide
Hi people just thought I would write a small guide on "How to make a CDROM window". This is the quite a difficult mod to do, so you will need to take your time and plan carefully, because if you mess up its not so easy to put right..

More @ modtown

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